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Women's Racket Club aims to make political advocacy easier and less intimidating for women by introducing them to timely political issues and showing them how to affect change. We want to build a community of women who believe that their voice matters.


What We Do

We meet on the third Sunday of every month to drink rosé, hear from experts on an issue, and plan ways to take action together. See our upcoming meetings and speakers here

In between meetings, we offer more opportunities to be involved. Here's what to expect when you sign up:


Invites to events designed to make taking action fun & friendly. Whether it's block-walking, phone-banking, or movie nights, we'll provide the drinks, snacks, & rad female friends. You just show up willing to be brave--not perfect!


An invitation to join our Slack channel, where you can chat with other members and receive up-to-the-minute notifications on actions you can take.


Monthly emails that support our programming, breaking down issues in ways that make them easier to understand and sharing the ways you can make a difference.


The option to subscribe to our text messaging updates, so we can share event invites with you directly, get your thoughts and feedback, share up-to-the-minute action items, and make sure you're always in the know.


“I raise up my voice—not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.”

Malala Yousafzai


Who We Are

It all started on November 9, 2016. Two acquaintances showed up to an election night watch party, accidentally in coordinating pantsuits. After the photo op (and the ensuing, devastating loss), we drowned our misery together over martinis and started talking about what would come next. 

We marched together, bringing together more of our female friends who had never been politically inclined. We started a huddle, hosted postcard parties. But we wanted to do more. We wanted to show women that what was happening in politics not only affected their lives, but could be changed by them, if they only raised their voice.

We noticed that our female friends approached politics differently, more timidly. We noticed that they were less likely to share things on social media, less likely to speak up in political conversations, less likely to understand how their own government worked or how it could be changed. We wanted them to know how much power they truly had.

We started Women's Racket Club to give women the information they need to begin to make political change in a way that is fun, friendly, and community-based. We create and host opportunities for women to start engaging--surrounded by a girl gang of friendly faces, equipped with the information they need made easily digestible, and with just enough free pink wine to make the whole thing fun.

Our wild idea is to forever change the way women engage in politics.


Rules of the Club:

1. We fight for women, not against women. We do not fight each other.

2. We recognize that women of color, disability, and disadvantaged backgrounds have historically been left out of feminism and we humbly get out of our own way to listen to their experiences and prioritize their needs.

3. We are non-patriarchal.

4. We participate and contribute.

5. We are open to everyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary, to preserve a dynamic where members feel open to express themselves. Allies of women are welcome at events that are labeled as "all-gender" on our calendar.



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